Friday, January 22, 2010

Learn Italian Fast and Free - Greetings Review Answers

Hi and welcome again to Learn Italian Fast an Free. As promised here are the answers to the Greetings Test:

1. My name is
Mi Chiamo
2. Pleased to meet you
Piacere (or you could say 'molto leito' 'how do you do')
3. How are you (formal)
Come sta?
4. How's it going?
Come va?
5. I'm good, thanks
Sto bene, grazie
6. Hello (formal)
Salve (or you could say 'buongiorno' 'good day')
7. Hi!
8. Good evening
9. OK
Va bene (or just 'OK' !)
10. Goodbye
Arrivederci (or 'Ciao)
11. Bye bye!
Ciao ciao!
12. See you later!
Ci vediamo dopo (or a dopo)
13. I speak Italian
Parlo italiano
14. Brilliant!
15. How are you? (friendly)
Come stai?

Section two
1. What's your name? (formal)
Come si chiama?
2. My sister is called Anna
Mia sorella si chiama Anna
3. How are you? (to a group)
Come state?
4. My friend speaks Italian
Il mio amico parla l'italiano (or la mia amica if your friend is a girl!)
5. Let's go to the cinema
Andiamo al cinema!
6. This is my friend
Ti presento il mio amico (or la mia amica)
7. My husband is American
Mio marito è americano
8. It was nice to meet you
è stato un piacere
9. Do you speak English? (formal)
Parla l'inglese?
10. I speak Italian
Parlo l'italiano
11. I am learning Italian
Sto imparando l'italiano
12. I am English, but my boyfriend is Italian
Sono inglese, ma il mio ragazzon è italiano
13. I don't speak Italian
Non parlo italiano
14. You speak English well (friendly)
Parli bene l'inglese
15. Goodbye (formal)

Next time I will discuss more about the rules of masculine and feminine in Italian aswel as giving you some more really useful Itlaian phrases that you can use to get to know someone better. Thanks and buongiornata from Hostel Dog, your Learn Italian Fast and Free hostess!

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